SCORR’s Top 10 Obscure Holidays

SCORR's Top 10 Obscure Holidays

At SCORR, we believe things like duct tape, hot dogs and denim should be honored. One of the kicks of working here is the chance to celebrate obscure holidays. We began by simply marking these special days with greeting cards, but the holidays have grown into full-scale events in the office and on our social media pages. Obscure holidays help keep us top-of-mind with current and potential clients by demonstrating our creativity and capabilities. We also use them as a way to try-out, learn and feature new skills (printing techniques, Web/digital development, social media, etc.). We have a different designer and copywriter work on each obscure holiday promotion, and so far, we’ve won 11 awards for our obscure holidays (6 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze). We celebrate up to four obscure holidays a year, and we’d like to look back on our top 10 as part of our “10 Years Over 10 Weeks” celebration.


1. Play Dough

  • Sent our contacts two containers of play dough in a box
  • Built a webpage and a stop motion video, with custom mouth-made music
  • Social media promotion included photos of team members with different play dough costume props
  • Team members were given tools and play dough to build their own creations at lunch


2. Children’s Book Day

  • Created a children’s book styled after the classic Golden books
  • We may or may not have lampooned some of our competition in the book
  • Built a webpage with an animated version of the book narrated by Phil S.
  • Social media promotion with photos of team members reading their favorite children’s book
  • Had a sack lunch where everyone sat around Phil as he read the team the book


3. Dessert Day


4. Day of the Ninja

  • Posted team members with ninja masks on Facebook and asked followers to guess who they were
  • Ate sushi and Chinese for lunch
  • Had a karate demonstration from a local dojo


5. Dog Day

  • Built our first webpage for an obscure holiday
  • Had people post photos of their dogs on SCORR’s Facebook page and for every pic posted we gave a donation to the ASPCA
  • Took head-shots of team members and put them next to a head-shots of their dogs
  • Had a barbecue in the park, where everyone’s dogs joined us and received awards for different dog categories


6. Sock Day

  • Screen printed custom socks with different phrases that people could get by filling out a mobile form
  • Had a “sock-swap” for lunch — everyone brought a pair of socks and exchanged them
  • Won our first award for an obscure holiday


7. Bubble Wrap Day

  • Played bubble wrap pranks
  • Phil S. wrote a bubble wrap “rap”
  • Did our best to cover most of the office in bubble wrap
  • Ordered “POP-a” John’s pizza for lunch


8. PB&J Day

  • Enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly buffet and sack lunches
  • Created our first die-cut card


9. Talk Like a Pirate Day

  • The card contained excellent Pirate speech copy
  • Ordered in Long John Silver’s for lunch


10. Hot Dog Day

  • T’was our first obscure holiday
  • Grilled hot dogs in the alley


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