The Medium Makes the Message: The Importance of Proper Media Placement

The Medium Makes the Message: The Importance of Proper Media Placement

There are seemingly limitless ways to share a message with your audience: publications, direct mail, e-blasts, TV commercials, radio spots, newspapers, billboards and the list goes on and on. With all these options available, it’s becoming more challenging to select the right medium for your message.

Media selection is an integral step in communicating with your audience. By choosing the right medium, you’ll give your message the best chance to succeed with your intended audience.

Once you’ve selected your medium, the next step is to utilize the right carrier within that medium. If you decide to use an industry publication as your medium, you must determine which publication has the most potential to deliver your message to your target market. If you select the wrong carrier, your ad could be seen by a group that has no interest in your message.

The ad must also stand out in the medium. Your message will be competing against others that are all vying for the same eyes — you need to make sure your information gets their attention.

What can you do to make sure you’re choosing the right medium?

  • Review the demographics of your target audience. Do they match your ideal customer profile?
  • Compare circulation numbers and distribution means. While circulation numbers do tell you how many will be exposed to your message, you still need to know who they are and how the message will be delivered.
  • Buy what you can afford. Ensure your media placements fit your budget so that you can sustain targeted and unbroken communication with those who matter.

Developing a compelling message is critical to the success of your advertisement. However, misplace your message, and not even the strongest will survive.

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