The Super Bowl Ads of Drug Development Services

The Super Bowl Ads of Drug Development Services

For $4 million USD, you could have landed 30 seconds of face time with 112.2 million U.S. viewers. No, you didn’t see a single clinical research organization, bioanalytical lab, contract manufacturing organization, FSP provider, etc. advertise during the Super Bowl. Drug development services and life sciences companies seldom get the chance to really communicate with a large number of potentials at one time, but the idea of it stimulates a fun exercise.

Consider this scenario:

For 30 seconds, your company has the eyes and ears of every potential and current client in your market. Your top three competitors also have 30 seconds with the same audience.

Answer these questions:

  • What is/are the most important thing(s) you can tell your audience about your service(s) or product(s)?
  • What are the key elements that differentiate your offering from your competitors? How do you show and tell that?
  • What do you want your top potential clients to do/feel after watching?

Now, click through the first few pages of your website. Walk through the first few slides of your sales presentation. Recite your elevator pitch. Does the information provided reflect what you imagined above? Does it provoke a similar brand experience?

While your company may never reach one million simultaneous viewers, through your website, your sales presentations and your face-to-face introductions, you’ll reach a lot of people over time. So why would your opening message via any medium be any less thoughtful than a one-shot, all-or-nothing pitch to your entire audience?

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