The Top 10 SCORR Vehicles

The Top 10 SCORR Vehicles

Cruise Nite is Kearney’s citywide car carnival. With a parade, races, live music, car shows and more going on, anything with wheels is a welcome addition to the event, which takes place from July 16-20 this year. As our “10 Years Over 10 Weeks” celebration continues, we want to show you the top 10 ways we get to work. In no particular order, these are SCORR’s top 10 vehicles.


1. Cinda’s Panamera

The rolling epitome of SCORR.



2. Ben’s and Amy’s Jeeps

Tonka toys all grown up.




3. Michael’s Victoria

That old car every main character in every action movie finds in a middle-of-nowhere barn and needs only to blow a plume of dust off the hood of in order for it to start after decades of hibernation.



4. Braeden’s Dynamic 88

A boat on wheels with a turning radius that makes dump trucks look like go-karts.



5. Chris’ Camaro

It’s Chris, now 50 percent more suntanned.



6. Margo’s Corvette

Comes standard with that windblown hairstyle.



7. Drake’s and Braeden’s Dakotas

Duo drives dirty and dirt-free Dakotas downtown daily to do design.



8. Mark’s Vino, Robert’s Ruckus

Puttering up to roughly 100 miles per gallon.



9. Brandy’s Shadow

The manliest ride at SCORR, now carrying our graphic designer off to North Carolina State University’s Master of Graphic Design program. Farewell and you’re already missed!



10. John’s DeLorean

We consider John Potthoff, president and CEO of Theorem Clinical Research, part of our extended family, and you can see why.



Bonus: Ballo’s Jalopy

A close second to John’s DeLorean.




Celebrating 10 Years Over 10 Weeks

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