The Top 10 Features of Our Headquarters

The Top 10 Features of Our Headquarters

We recently began our “10 Years Over 10 Weeks” celebration, so it’s fitting that we give you a look inside SCORR’s headquarters in Kearney, Neb. A decade ago, we moved into a small room in our building. Over the years, as our team grew, so did the space we occupied. Today, we take up most of the building, and we’ve gotten to know it pretty well — here are the top 10 things worth a look.


1. The Dungeon

It’s big, it’s dark and it smells of time … lots of it. There are relics in the Dungeon — old things that straddle a line between trash and treasure. The Dungeon’s so big we don’t think we’ve seen every corner of it, and that’s okay. Look, we’re not saying Jimmy Hoffa’s down there, but Indiana Jones could probably find a thing or two that 1) would try to kill him or 2) belong in a museum.

SCORR HQ_Dungeon


2. Arcade Games

Between our kitchen and our production area, Ms. Pac-Man and Mario Bros. bump elbows, as do the SCORR folks controlling them. If you’re ever in the office, feel free to try and get your initials on the high score list.



3. Rocs’ Tank

Rocs the turtle has served as our creative team’s mascot and overnight security for several years. His tank is a little oasis, and when he’s not busy dominating staring contests, he spends most of his time enjoying his favorite pastime: not being on his back.



4. The Vault

Just a few feet away from Rocs’ tank is a vault. But what’s in there? A secret pathway to One-Eyed Willie’s treasure? A panic room in case Rocs goes nuclear? Nah. As best we can tell, our building might’ve been a bank. We cleared out the doubloons and dusty skeletons, and now the vault is something between a glorified storage closet and impromptu photo both.

SCORR HQ_The Vault


5. The Spiral Stairs

Smack-dab in the center of our office lies a spiral staircase that has led to more than a few bruised shins and shattered electronic devices. We tell all new employees to check themselves before they step themselves, or else the spiral stairs might be their actual stairway to heaven.

SCORR HQ_Spiral Stairs


6. Awards Wall

When you step into our account area, you’ll have a lot to look up to. We’ve lined up years of awards along one of our walls. It’s a big wall, and it’s filling up faster and faster every year — good thing we’ve got more walls.

SCORR HQ_Award Wall


7. Cinda’s Office

While the view outside is nice, there’s more interesting things to see inside SCORR’s corner office. From a Blue Dog painting, to a rug that looks like it might just up and walk out at any moment, the corner office is a good look at the charm and eccentricity of the person who occupies it.

SCORR HQ_Cinda's Office


8. Ben’s Office

Just as Cinda surrounds herself with things that reflect herself, Ben’s office is a small utopia of things that shape the mind of a creative director, which include action figures, doodles, at least one caffeinated beverage, stickers, odds, ends, this, that, etc.

SCORR HQ_Ben's Office (2)


9. The Fish Bowl

Also known as the small front conference room, the Fish Bowl’s two glass walls separate our meetings from innocent passersby discretely trying to pick their nose. It’s nice to have a way to put our employees/would-be supermodels on display.
SCORR HQ_Fish Bowl


10. The Roof

We may not be headquartered in a sprawling metropolis, but climbing up two whole whopping stories will give you a picturesque view of Downtown Kearney. In SCORR’s early days, it served as a hangout spot, but our team has since outgrown the load-bearing weight limit of the rafters. Until we get that long awaited SCORR helicopter, we’ll leave it to the pigeons.



Bonus: Ballo

Right now, Ballo is roughly the size of a basketball. But if things go the way Ballo plans, we’ll be taking a wrecking ball to one of our walls to get the ball-o-tin out.


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