Trade Show Dos and Don’ts: AAPS 2013 Edition

Trade Show Dos and Don’ts: AAPS 2013 Edition

In the lead up to AAPS in San Antonio, we asked our trade show expert, Dee Fuehrer, to share some answers to a few FAQs.

Are giveaways always a go?

Having a giveaway that ties in with a broader theme is a nice incentive, but it’s going to take more than key chains and koozies to attract a crowd. Contests and drawings are a tried-and-true method of boosting booth traffic, but companies need to ensure that the incentive is attractive enough to motivate an action from qualified prospects. Also, consider compelling attendees to interact with your sales team before offering a giveaway. This helps you attract qualified leads.


Any pre-show activities you almost always recommend?

Email marketing is an excellent low-cost, high-reward option. Most show organizers will share a list of attendees to whom you can send direct mail or email, and this is also a good time to use your own customer list to invite key prospects to visit your booth. You want to be in front of your target audience before the show even begins so that you can drive attendance to your booth. Pre-show promotion can make a significant impact on the number and quality of visitors who come to your booth. If you’ve built a theme for the show, it’s also a way to introduce or tease that theme.


What are a few of the mistakes that truly turn attendees off?

It’s a turnoff to walk by a booth to find personnel talking on their cell phones, checking email or eating. Or worse yet, to find no one at the booth! We advocate focused training for staff members who will work the booth, which will provide them with proven techniques to engage people and start a conversation. Your team should be engaging, interested and helpful. That’s how you make a good first impression.


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